Thursday, May 7, 2009

My obsessions

i have some obsessions. wether it are temporary obsessions or obsessions that will stay forever in my life (i think), i am totally in love with those obsessions.

my latest obsession is: Chanel. since i have read an article about gabrielle 'coco' chanel (in the glamour) i'm in love. the 28th of may there will this film come out, 'coco avant chanel' and i so wanna be there! i think chanel was a very inspirational women and, without her, you probably still would wear a corset and no jeans at all... thank you, coco!

my other, very big obsession is america. this summer i've been to new york, san fransisco and los angeles. and -o my god- i just get depressed when i think about it again. because i want to go back and i WILL go back. new york is such a fantastic city. maybe i'm even more in love with it than chanel. no, i'm sure.

and than there is the summer. i hate the winter so intensly much. you have no idea. i thought i was going to die this winter. it was horrible. and i hate the rain. the weather has got a huge influence on me. is it raining? i don't want to go outside and feel not as happy as when it is sunny. than i have energy for life and i am so happy.

oh and there is so much more.

i will tell you another time.

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