Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

some new outifts

i decided to change my style. not to change me, but just be more sophisticated and not be too baggy anymore. i want to be stylish, a little bit more classy, a little bit more chanel: simple and chique. blair waldorf in gossip girl is my inspiration. i lóve her style in gossip girl.

this is not like blair (yet!), but i am just starting

and here some of my inspiration:

i especially like the taille skirts.


some flower inspiration

Sunday, May 10, 2009

drawed women

(made by lieneke)

(made by wietske)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My obsessions

i have some obsessions. wether it are temporary obsessions or obsessions that will stay forever in my life (i think), i am totally in love with those obsessions.

my latest obsession is: Chanel. since i have read an article about gabrielle 'coco' chanel (in the glamour) i'm in love. the 28th of may there will this film come out, 'coco avant chanel' and i so wanna be there! i think chanel was a very inspirational women and, without her, you probably still would wear a corset and no jeans at all... thank you, coco!

my other, very big obsession is america. this summer i've been to new york, san fransisco and los angeles. and -o my god- i just get depressed when i think about it again. because i want to go back and i WILL go back. new york is such a fantastic city. maybe i'm even more in love with it than chanel. no, i'm sure.

and than there is the summer. i hate the winter so intensly much. you have no idea. i thought i was going to die this winter. it was horrible. and i hate the rain. the weather has got a huge influence on me. is it raining? i don't want to go outside and feel not as happy as when it is sunny. than i have energy for life and i am so happy.

oh and there is so much more.

i will tell you another time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bagels & Beans

Bagels&beans is a magnificant place to be! Actually we are there right now!
We took a bagel with apple and cinnamon and a cappuccino with vanilla flavor and a fig cake and a date pie. It was/is like heaven. We wanted to make some articles for our blog but we’re not such a internet nerds.. so it didn’t work out. So we decided to write an article and put it on the internet later.

And now we will tell you how it came that our blog was called: Chloé.
We have this parfume: chloé. When we were thinking about what kind of name we could call our blog, we smelled this delightfullest scent: chloé! That would be a perfectly beautiful name we thought. What do yougirls think?

Xo, Wietske & Lieneke

Sunday, May 3, 2009



bad picture..