Monday, April 27, 2009

happy because of starbucks.

o my god.

the first thing that i thought when i heard that my sis was going to london was that i wanted to go with her to schiphol airport to wave her goodbye. no. actually, to go to the starbucks! the only goddamn starbucks in my whole shitty country is at schiphol in amsterdam.

so, my mother was going to bring my sister and her friend to the airport, and i was going with them! it didn't matter hów early it was, i was going to the starbucks! it was 6 in the morning in my freaking holiday... and i was enjoying a cuppuccino with vanilla at schiphol.

i don't know why but when i see the logo of starbucks it always makes me happy and craving to it. then i went shopping and after that, i took another cappuccino with vanilla and bought 2 mugs from starbucks and was totally satisfied.


  1. seriously,
    that sounds realy heavenly. i think i love starbucks to but i've never drunk it before.. because, you've already said it.. there's only one freaking starbucks in our country.. saidly.
    xo w.

  2. Me alegro que te hayan gustado los dibujos!
    Gracias por visitar mi blog!

  3. Starbucks komt, thank god, op grote stations in Nederland!!!